Transitional Metal Debut Album and Tour

Transitional Metal is an eagerly awaited debut portrait album by a composer and pianist whose music is a colorful melting pot of driving rhythms and vibrant harmonies. The programme showcases those pieces which combine her two obsessions: sound and science. Since 2010, she has been working on a series of pieces named after elements: Fumiko has always been drawn to the elegant neatness of the periodic table and the rhythmic drive and clarity of texture inherent in her music which somehow brings to mind the “metal” connection. WomenMakeMusic

“These are fascinating works that bring a myriad of unusual textures, colours and sonorities allowing the imagination to expand. I cannot imagine the performances being bettered. Pianists, Kate Halsall and Fumiko Miyachi deserve a special mention as the backbone of many of these performances. They are well recorded at various venues and there are useful booklet notes from the composers of the Miniaturised Concertos as well as brief notes on the Maché.”

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Classical-Modern Music Review

“The musical soundscapes-panoramas give us a sort of state-of-the-art window on ultra-post-modern-modern worlds. It makes for a beautiful listen.

This set breaks ground and stimulates the musical ears in rather profound ways. I do not hesitate to recommend it highly. An essential offering for what, indeed, is new out there right now.” – Gapplegate Classical-Modern Music Review